Why Template Business Cards Aren’t Ideal

Often, we are asked where folks can see our letterpress business card templates. It sounds like a really easy way to accommodate business card orders, but that’s just not how we work. Letterpress isn’t a quick and easy process, so why settle on a card that others have too? Bottom line: we’re not VistaPrint, and if you’re considering letterpress, you obviously want something that stands out.

When Angel came to us, she wanted a card that was thick and had a deep impression, so we chose a thick natural cotton stock that would take a beating. The strong yet playful typeface Avenir, was chosen to reflect Angel’s personality that she carries with her in every aspect of her life. The “O” mark offers both a halo above her name, a nod to the practice of Swedish massage and playful hint towards “pressure points” done in body work.

None of which could possibly be captured if she was forced to choose between an ocean of common templates.


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